About us

About us

      Euroexport GB Ltd. is a company that started its activity in 1998, and since then it has been constantly developing and growing. Over the years we have created and established long-term relationships with some of the largest metalworking companies on the market.

Based on our many years of experience and the strictly specific requirements of our customers, we have created a new vision of Euroexport GB Ltd. offering the highest precision and quality metalworking tools on our market.
In response, we have become official representatives of some of the leaders in the production of metal cutting tools, each closely specialized in a concrete field of application. This in turn gives you (our customers) impeccable quality and a wider range of metal cutting tools that only one company can not offer. The other advantage we are proud of is our engineering team and our competitive prices.

We at Euroexport GB Ltd are at your disposal at every stage of your development and we are ready to join your team to find the optimal solution for your technological tasks.

Our partners are world famous companies:

CARMEX -  Israel (  proven leader in producing threading tools)

BECK GmbH - Germany (solid carbide and HSS highly-precision reamers. Reamers with interchangeable crowns and countersinks.)

PALBIT  - Portugal (milling and turning tools)

- MILLER GmbH - Germany (solid carbide carbide drills, end millis and indexable drills with replaceable crowns)

- SIMTEK Gmbh- Germany (highly precision cutting, grooving and profile tools)

- BENZ GmbH - Germany (highly precision stationary and driven tools for CNC lathes. Multiplier and multi-spindle heads)

All of them have been on the world market for more than 50 years and are developing quickly and adequately to the needs of their customers. Each of these companies can develop a non-standard tool tailored to your requirements.

Our team has extensive over 20 years of practical experience in implementing solutions for large organizations and corporate clients.

We guarantee you excellent quality at competitive prices and adequate assistance.


              We from Euroexport GB EOOD, following our policy of innovation and technological development, have joined the global priority of global warming and harmful emissions from industry, affecting both people and nature. We are the only company on the Bulgarian market, which develops and successfully imposes the industrial evolutionary MQL (minimum amount of lubricant) system, which is developed on the basis of biodegradable and completely harmless oils, completely replacing the traditional cooling and increasing productivity. This evolutionary technology is based solely on organic products and low energy sources.

Our partners in this field are world-famous companies:

-LUBRIX - Germany (leader in the production of MQL systems for CNC machines and lubricants)

-Accu-Lube- Germany (leader in the production of MQL systems for universal lubricant machines)



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