Dear Sirs,

 We would like to present you our range of metalworking tools, which we started to develop together with our partners from Germany in 2019, and are now on the market under our brand NexxTools®.

The production range includes the following types of metalworking tools:

- NexxQuick®. - quick-change holders for carbide inserts and round shank tools (drills, reamers ...) for swiss type lathes. The system developed by us and patent pending is used in all  swiss type lathes. The advantage of this system is that the tool is changed in about 30 seconds. compared to a regular holder, where it takes about 10-15 minutes per tool.

- Carbide inserts - which we have developed together with our European partners to meet the requirements for high precision and long life. We continue to develop them by participating in a number of European projects.


- Special combined tools for boring, drilling, countersinking and chamfering.

All operations are performed with only one tool. Our controlled production allows us to produce your individually designed special tool within 4 weeks from the date of order, guaranteeing its function.


Our production base includes high-tech and precise 5-axis milling centers and turning centers, and full quality control is carried out with a fully automatic CNC optical measuring machine ZOLLER GENIUS-4.

All developments are based on state-of-the-art software products and CAD / CAM for designing machining tools. All materials used are of the highest quality available on the world market.

In the development and production we were guided by two basic rules - high quality and competitive prices. After repeated tests we were convinced that we have achieved the desired parameters and we can offer our customers an extremely good tool at a reasonable price.

We will be happy to assist you with technical information and commissioning of the tool under optimal working conditions!

More detailed information about the offered tools can be found at